Lovely★Complex – Nothing is Greater than Love

I recently finished watching Lovely Complex and somehow survived even after consuming so much sweetness! This is probably one of the best examples of Old is Gold (even though it's only 10 years old). The story follows the loves lives of a short below average boy, Ootani Atsushi, and a tall above average girl, Koizumi … Continue reading Lovely★Complex – Nothing is Greater than Love

Nisekoi – False Love

  CHITOGE YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for Kosaki, though I thought she was just way too annoying. Hated her for her indecisiveness even when she was getting so much support from Ruri and Haru. I hated how she hid her feelings from all of her friends, even though Chitoge did the same, she … Continue reading Nisekoi – False Love