Lovely★Complex – Nothing is Greater than Love

Lovely Complex Main

I recently finished watching Lovely Complex and somehow survived even after consuming so much sweetness! This is probably one of the best examples of Old is Gold (even though it’s only 10 years old).

The story follows the loves lives of a short below average boy, Ootani Atsushi, and a tall above average girl, Koizumi Risa. Along they way many other romances are also shown but nothing compares to the chemistry between these two highly mismatched lovers!


Lovely Complex Height

I won’t go into the story as I really don’t want to spoil even a tiny bit of this amazing story and would highly recommend watching this masterpiece. Yes, a masterpiece! The perfect blend of drama, romance, comedy and Umibouzu!

Lovely Complex Umibouzu

Every episode is a dose of highly concentrated sweetness, which could be your end if you are not careful! The drama depicted tugged at my heartstrings and left me gasping for breath. I am inexperienced in love but this Anime probably depicted the struggles, sadness, anxiety, warmth and happiness that comes with falling in love.

Lovely Complex Kiss

There was a lot of drama! So much, that sometimes I was screaming, pulling my hair or crying while watching it.

Sometimes, things got so idiotic and foolish in the Anime that I nearly damaged my laptop (so glad it managed to survive). I did feel sometimes things were a little over exaggerated and too far from reality.

Lovely Complex Idiot

One thing quite noticeable is the strong dialect, Kansai-ben. Initially, I found it very weird and strange and to be honest, I never really good used to it even till the end. It was just too strong!

The Anime makes you feel warm and fuzzy all the way to your core and you start making empathetic connections with the characters. It wasn’t like I was watching the story unfold from my home in a laptop screen but as a fellow student keeping a close eye on them. My heart broke when the Anime ended and you see everyone waving goodbye.

Lovely Complex Goodbye

Mohit Jain


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