I Got In!

I got in! This is all that has been buzzing around in my head for the past four days. What am I talking about? I had applied to graduate schools a couple of months back. Finally, after no news winter, results started flowing in. By results I mean, rejections. Harsh, cold rejections which universities try to … Continue reading I Got In!

One Month in the USA

Today makes it exactly one month since I arrived in the USA! Pretty exciting!! Now this post isn't going to talk about the whole crazy, stressful and somewhat enjoyable path to me landing the internship and also not about my work here. Maybe, I'll get to those things sometime later. I'm more going to be … Continue reading One Month in the USA

My First EDM Night!

The final event of Thomso 2018, Wargasm, a party filled with explosively loud music, high college students and electricity in the air, signed off the annual cultural fest of IIT Roorkee with a bass drop! So, this is my third Thomso after coming to IIT Roorkee and for various silly reasons my first time attending … Continue reading My First EDM Night!