Get to Know Me

Hi! I’m Mohit, welcome to my blog. I’m an Electrical Engineering undergraduate in my junior year at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. I’m thrilled to share what I’m learning and my interests here on this blog.

my photo

I started this blog for two purposes: to write about what I’m learning in my own words, and to share my hobbies and interests with others. A pretty weird combination, I agree! The former reason mainly serves to reinforce what I’m learning (you don’t really know something unless you can teach it!), while the latter is simply a way for me to share with everyone what I’m super geeky about.

A little bit about myself

I believe that the “superpower” of the future is Artificial Intelligence. When I started learning about AI, primarily Deep Learning, I fell in love with it. There’s just something cool about making a “dumb” machine able to do things which we humans can naturally do without paying much attention (recognizing images, voices, etc). As a result, my goal is to become a researcher in this ever-growing and vast field and make it even better.

I am also a huge fan of Japanese Anime and Manga! My favorite series would have to be Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Love Hina by Ken Akamatsu. Before I only used to read novels and my favorite genres were adventure and action. Plus points for having dragons and magic! My favorite series had become (and is still) the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. One day a friend of mine told me to try out Fairy Tail saying it had everything I loved. I did. Have been hooked since then!

First Manga
When I got my first ever manga!

My dream is to travel all around the world and meet all kinds of people and experience all the different cultures the world has to offer! Don’t you think it’s boring and dull staying in one place and not exploring this wonderful planet we live in? So far I have been to England, Scotland, Bangladesh, Pakistan, France, Switzerland, Italy, and UAE. Two countries I really wish to visit are Japan and New Zealand.