Nisekoi – False Love




I feel sorry for Kosaki, though I thought she was just way too annoying. Hated her for her indecisiveness even when she was getting so much support from Ruri and Haru. I hated how she hid her feelings from all of her friends, even though Chitoge did the same, she couldn’t help it. I mean she “hated” him in the start and also beat him up so frequently. Therefore, she couldn’t just reveal that she fell in love with him.

All of the other girls? They never stood a chance! Period!

But, Raku, you bastard! I am sort of jealous of you!!!!!!!!

What really surprised me was how Ruri confessed to Maiko. I knew she would fall for him…..but to confess like that was a bit unexpected…..OK, it wasn’t that unexpected considering her calm demeanor.

I was also a bit surprised that Raku rejected Kosaki when she confessed. I knew he wouldn’t have confessed to her anymore, but I still thought his feelings might waver if Kosaki confessed to him. Well, that didn’t happen. Great! Or else, I would’ve had to buy a new laptop (due to me smashing my screen)!

Loved the ending!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone’s dreams were achieved (I thought Chitoge would become an actress, but to become a fashion designer was unexpected)!

Another series added to my collection of, few but growing, stories with decisive ends.

These two scenes were my favourite from the manga! These made me scream and hug my laptop (lucky it didn’t break)!


Now that I’ve finished this amazing and wonderful story, I feel empty! I am now sort of motivated to do something about my self and try changing for the better! Let’s see how that works out!

ありがとう ございます Naoshi Komi for creating something so beautiful.

Mohit Jain

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