Death Parade – Time for Judgement

An Anime about what happens after death and the judgement that follows, sending you either to "heaven" or "hell". This Anime, I felt, portrayed death the most accurately without going into any religious beliefs and superstitions. Everything felt more realistic! According to the Anime, there is no Heaven or Hell as we think there are. … Continue reading Death Parade – Time for Judgement

Kimi no Na Wa – Feelings Transcending Time

Kimi no Na Wa, for me, was the BEST MOVIE of 2016. It stirred up my emotions to the point a few tears actually rolled down(which rarely happens to me). There was suspense, comedy and drama filled with romance and typical teenage experiences. The only thing though, it wasn't so common! The start of the … Continue reading Kimi no Na Wa – Feelings Transcending Time