Kimi no Na Wa – Feelings Transcending Time

Kimi no Na Wa

Kimi no Na Wa, for me, was the BEST MOVIE of 2016. It stirred up my emotions to the point a few tears actually rolled down(which rarely happens to me). There was suspense, comedy and drama filled with romance and typical teenage experiences. The only thing though, it wasn’t so common!

The start of the movie was confusing. I couldn’t figure out what was happening and what had happened until I was 10-15 min into the movie. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me as for some reason I was enthralled and enraptured by it. The animation was amazing and the music……what can I say about the music? It was bliss to the ears. The music complemented the movie perfectly! There could not have been any other music in the movie. All the songs and soundtracks added an exquisite flavour to the movie. It was like the icing on the cake!

The movie progressed perfectly. As the story rolled on it filled me with anticipation and curiosity that knew no bounds! I remember shouting out, as if the people inside the movie could hear me, “Run! Run! Hurry!” or “No! Please don’t!”. Some scenes got me so excited and jumping up and down that my friend next door came to check what was wrong!

The story is slightly confusing and sometimes hard to folow but in the end everything makes sense(even though I still don’t get why that happened after Taki drinks the Kuchikamizake).

The story is superb!

The animation is beautiful!

The music is filled with feelings!

What else do you need to make a movie breathtaking!?!

If Kimi no Na Wa doesn’t win the Oscar, I don’t know what should.


Mohit Jain

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