Death Parade – Time for Judgement


An Anime about what happens after death and the judgement that follows, sending you either to “heaven” or “hell”. This Anime, I felt, portrayed death the most accurately without going into any religious beliefs and superstitions. Everything felt more realistic!

According to the Anime, there is no Heaven or Hell as we think there are. Both of these are just beliefs instilled in us humans due to our culture and religion. Only mere speculations. In “reality” there is either the Void or Reincarnation. Like the words suggest, the Void is the place where “evil” souls are disposed of; ending up in eternal despair filled with negativity. A place which we humans call “Hell”! Reincarnation is giving the souls of the deceased another go at life. This is path we humans call “Heaven”! The dead are judged based on the way they had lived their life and their actions in front of the judge, called the arbiter in the Anime.

The story and the scenes in the Anime, make you reflect on yourself. It reminds you that you will die someday and therefore you should try to make the most out of the time you have.

Life is precious and you should try to live a fulfilled life!

One message the Anime gave really well was that life is the most valuable treasure you have. Don’t destroy it! Your life is not only your own treasure but also important to those around you; your family, friends and relatives. When you die, not only are you losing your treasure but also taking an important gem from many other people! So, please don’t ever think of suicide! Nothing good happens, for both the dead as well as the alive. Nothing but regret! The Anime shows the implications of doing such an act, and it is something you definitely wouldn’t want to go through.

The Anime was really good, though unfortunately very short, being only 12 episodes long. I loved both, the opening as well as the ending songs. The ending song is one of my favorites! The conflicts and the dilemma of the judgments were portrayed really well. The story left me dazed and wondering what my future will hold.


You don’t live to die. You die because you are alive!


Mohit Jain

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