Dunkirk – A Disaster Yet a Victory

Dunkirk Main

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

Finally watched Dunkirk after stalling and postponing for a long time. Why? I have no idea. Probably wasn’t able to get into the mood for a war movie based on true events.

Have to say I am so glad I watched it. This is definitely the best war movie I have watched so far. My heart was racing every second of the film and in the end I was left in awe and amazement. The movie is beautiful, if that is an appropriate word to use for such a film.

The film didn’t have as much dialogues as most films have. It was mostly just sounds; guns firing, explosions, sounds of the propellers of the jets and people screaming. I really wish I had watched the movie in a cinema hall. The use of sounds was very powerful! It almost makes you imagine you are on the beaches of Dunkirk, trapped, scared and hope trickling from your fingers every passing second. The only thought going through your mind, “you are abandoned”, “doomed”, “when will this end”. Made me get goosebumps!

Dunkirk Burning Plane
This scene made me tear up. He sacrificed himself to save everyone else.

The film, I believe, did a really good job portraying the emotions and conditions of the Allies trapped in Dunkirk. Fear, anger, hopelessness and hope were very visible on the faces of each men. The men were still looking out for each other but it was every man, and even country, for himself if it meant escape from this purgatory. There were many instances, stowing away on ships they were not “allowed” to or acting as someone else, shown where the men acted “selfishly” just so that they can get a chance to survive and escape. Men who had fought together and were still alive because of each other. Well, you can’t blame them, anyone would do anything to escape the hell of Dunkirk.

Dunkirk Soldiers

I was so happy and thrilled when the men were finally able to escape. Around 300,000 men made it out alive. A great moment of celebration. The allies had lost the battle but also won! The evacuation shouldn’t be considered any small victory. But one thing to remember, though, so many made it back alive, many lives were lost at Dunkirk and many men were taken prisoners, the unfortunate souls who weren’t evacuated. One thing to note is that out of the men left and not evacuated, most of them were French! Even if you’re allies, a country will always priorities its own people first. It’s human nature. Though, the French weren’t completely forsaken. Churchill had sent for the evacuation of the remaining Allied forces after the British had been completely evacuated.

Dunkirk Small Boats
This is what hope looks like.

In the end this “colossal military disaster” was somewhat amended and the dark hours passed.

Dunkirk Plane
A beautiful yet heartrending sunset.


Mohit Jain

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