Sakamoto desu ga? – True Swag!

Sakamoto Duster

Sophisticated, suave, sublime; all words describe the exceedingly handsome and patently perfect Sakamoto! What is his first name? No one knows!

Everything he does looks like it has been intricately planned and thought out yet seems completely natural. He only speaks in monotone with an air of seriousness (even if he isn’t being so). Obviously all the girls were crazy for him regardless of their age of marital status. Of course, Sakamoto got many envious and jealous glares from the boys. But, in the end, nobody can hate Sakamoto. There’s just this thing about him which makes you want to get closer to him!

Sakamoto snooker

The best thing that I liked about Sakamoto is how he helps everyone without making them feel he did anything.

Sakamoto helping

I really liked the Anime (there probably isn’t any Anime I hate!). It had comedy and “casual” school life experiences. I really liked the “swag” Sakamoto had. One thing that I really liked doing while watching the Anime was to decipher Sakamoto’s actions. It was sometimes very hard to make out why he was doing some things. Some of his actions were very very random!

The Anime, though fun, is repetitive. Each episode is basically Sakamoto swagging around and overcoming every problem effortlessly. Many people might get bored after 2-3 episodes as there isn’t much development in the story either.

If I had to describe the Anime in one word, it would be:


(lame pun, the opening song of the Anime is called COOLEST !)

Some of my favourite scenes from the Anime:

Mohit Jain

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