Overlord – Hail Ainz Sama

Ainz Ooul Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown. Damn! It’s so fun saying this!

I really want to play the game!!!!!! I am always a big fan of Anime with a game as setting. Getting trapped in the game just makes it even better! Real life is too harsh sadly.

Regarded as the highest of the Almighty 41 Supreme Beings of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Momonga is the only one to get trapped. I really thought this was sad. Out of all of his comrades, he alone is left. Just think, if all the 41 members were together, they would practically be unstoppable (even though Momonga himself is pretty much invincible). In the start I thought Momonga was evil (just look at him). But, in reality it turns out to be the contrary. This was hard to digest at the start.

I really liked how all of the NPC characters became “alive” and got a consciousness. I really liked the personalities of each of the guardians. My favourite? I’ll have to go with Shalltear Bloodfallen. There’s just this thing about vampires! There was one thing I was anticipating really badly throughout the whole Anime; something to happen between Momonga and Albedo (though in the first episode something nearly happened, sadly it didn’t continue)!

So the rest of the Anime is pretty straightforward. Momonga and his guardians try to make sense of what has happened. They fight enemies. Obviously, Momonga overpowers everyone easily. It was like taking a candy from a baby! Yes, that is all what the Anime is. Momonga and the guardians fighting half-heartedly, a bit of humor here and  there and a lot of Ainz Ooul Gown!
EXCEPT the last three episodes.

This is where things actually got interesting. The sudden plot twist where Shalltear “revolted” against Nazarick got me baffled! I really couldn’t believe this. She’s always trying to get cozy with Momonga and then all of sudden she betrays?!? Thankfully it was just mind control with the caster being killed instantly just after casting. A pretty useless time to cast the spell in my opinion. This lead to the fight between Momonga and Shalltear. This was the first time throughout the whole Anime, I actually thought Momonga could be defeated and even die. Of course he still won! The fight between Momonga and Shalltear was magnificent and breathtaking. It wasn’t just a brute force, only a battle of brawn. If it was so, Momonga would have been easily killed. The whole battle was carefully planned out by Momonga. Every single move was well thought out and planned. The perfect skills for the Overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick!

The Anime is really fun and also short. I highly recommend people to try it out. The story is somewhat similar to Sword Art Online and Log Horizon but it is still quite unique.

My favourite scenes from the Anime:


“I will announce the goal for everyone turn Ainz Ooal Gown into an eternal legend. If there are many heroes, then we will replace them all. Let the entire world know that Ainz Ooal Gown is the true hero!”


Mohit Jain

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