Ore Monogatari!! – My Love Story


This is one of the best romantic comedy Anime I have watched!

I started watching this Anime because I wanted to watch something light and full of comedy. I was feeling down as I had received an email declining my application for an internship and wanted something to cheer me up. This Anime was more than enough for that!

I was not expecting this Anime to be so romantic. Every single episode made me feel warm and “fluffy”. It was really beautiful!

I am not sporty or well built like Gouda but I was able to make a lot of connections with him. I really liked and respected his nature and attitude towards people. The expressions that Gouda gave made me crack up multiple times every episode.


Sunakawa was the complete opposite of Gouda. He is cool and calm (no wonder all the girls fell for him!) and very perceptive. I really liked how he always looked out for Gouda. I really started admiring his character after he told Gouda that he rejected every girl because they were talking bad about him behind his back. This is what true friendship is! These two really complemented each other really well.


Every time Yamato showed up I felt very happy for some reason. I really loved seeing Gouda and Yamato together. Sometimes, I wondered why isn’t Sunakawa feeling odd hanging with them every time. I don’t think I could ever do that!
At first glance, Gouda and Yamato being together feels like a mismatch. Gouda looks like a professional sumo wrestler standing 3 meters tall, whereas, Yamato is a frail schoolgirl. But, soon you realize that these two are made for each other. It was love at first sight for both of them! I have never been in love myself, so can’t say much about it but I think the love between Gouda and Yamato is how love should be in real life!

The story isn’t too great. Neither is it too bad. If I have to describe it, it would be, just perfect! The story is light and shows the drama associated with falling in love. One thing that I really loved is that each episode never failed to make me laugh really hard. Each episode was also way too sweet and I was getting worried about my sugar level. Too much sugar is bad for your health! Thankfully nothing happened to me after consuming all the sweetness each episode provided!

Gouda and Suna

The second most amazing thing in the Anime was the friendship between Gouda and Sunakawa. After seeing these two, I think I am now sure of what an ideal friendship is. I have made many friends, rivals and even some enemies but have yet to find a relationship like the one that exists between these two, hence the name “ideal”.

I will not recommend this Anime to everyone. The story is too happy and joyous without any plot twists. Not everyone is a big fan of such stories.
If you are looking for something light that will make you feel warm and cozy while occasionally making you smile and laugh, please do watch Ore Monogatari!!

Some of my favourite scenes from the Anime:

Mohit Jain

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