The Greatest Showman – A Magnificent Musical

The Greatest Showman Main

This movie changed my views on musicals. I always though musicals never had much of a story and their only selling point was the dancing and the music. When I watch a movie, I watch it more for the plot, the story and not music or dancing, though there presence in small amounts does give more depth and flavour to the experience. HOW WRONG WAS I!

I have to admit, I had though of watching this movie but probably would have never (due to the musical tag) if it hadn’t been for my sister who forced me to watch it with her. I really need to thank her for that! The story was rich and warmly touched my soul. I could watch this movie tens of times more, and I still would be willing to watch it again!

The Greatest Showman Bearded Woman

If you are feeling depressed or demotivated, this is the movie to watch. Not only will the songs help uplift your mood but you might just learn a few things; yes lessons about life.
First lesson: Never stop dreaming. It’s OK to have a million, or even more, dreams. This just proves you’re alive (and I believe most of you will agree that being alive is the greatest feeling ever!) and ready to face the whatever this world has to offer.
Second lesson: People get jealous, feel inferior and resent successful people, and even more so if that person used to be just like them in the past. Just acknowledge such people and ignore them, you’re better off not wasting your time dealing with them. Success comes from hard work and dedication. Everyone has the capability to do both of them but chose not to and instead of blaming themselves they start resenting and even bully those who decided to do something good with their lives.
Third lesson: Home isn’t a luxury million-dollar mansion or even a dingy little hut. A home is where your family, friends and loved ones are. Think about it, would you go to a huge cold building or to your warm wife and children after a hard day at work? I believe most of us will chose the latter.

The Greatest Showman Birthday Scene
This is the sweetest scene in the film.

The film showcased all of the above really beautifully. Now, not all of us watch a film to learn lessons of life or gain motivation but for just some good entertainment. Well, no worries there! This movie has got you guys and girls covered as well! Though not much scenes of circus performance have been depicted but those that have are quite amazing. But, as this film, being a musical, it’s greatest strength is, you guessed it, in the songs and music! The musical acts are breathtaking, literally. I remember I forgot to breathe during the first performance by Jenny Lind and chocked suddenly when it ended! It was truly spectacular; my chocking as well as the performance. I looked over at my sister and I could see sparkle in her eyes.

Now as I love listening to music (some of you might be thinking that this guy is nuts. At the start he said he hated musicals but now is saying he loves music! A little correction, I believe that music is the best thing that has happened to out puny existence in the universe. I just had qualms about the concept of musicals; instead of wasting time singing, just hurry up with the story) I can’t end this without mentioning my favourite two songs from this marvellous musical:

  1. This Is Me. Artist: Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble
  2. Rewrite The Stars. Artist: Zac Efron

The Greatest Showman Zac Efron & Zendaya

I hope you have a great day, and if you haven’t watch The Greatest Showman yet, then what are you waiting for? WATCH IT!

The Greatest Showman Circus Family

Mohit Jain

One thought on “The Greatest Showman – A Magnificent Musical

  1. I love Greatest Showman as well. I watched it because I am a musical theatre fanatic. Previously I knew musicals knew how to tell to tell a story through the songs- the songs are used to develop a story, advance a story, and show what a character wants.

    The movie that actually changed my view on musicals is Les Misérables. That is true for me. I always thought ALL musicals were HAPPY and COMICAL, not TRAGIC or HEARTBREAKING. I knew about the emotion of sad in musicals, but never did I knew about heartbreak. I had interpreted all musicals as happy. But Les Mis challenged everything I once knew. So while Greatest Showman changed your interpretation on musicals, Les Misérables changed mine. Les Misérables made me look at musicals from a different perspective


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