Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken – Being a Commoner is Uncommon

Shomin Sample Main.png

This is not your typical harem and ecchi Anime. I felt the story actually had some sort of progression instead of random encounters of the main character with girls (though this was also present)!

The main character, Kimito, gets kidnapped, yes kidnapped, and forced to attend an all girls school for the rich and high class people. The reason for this was to get the girls to get to know about the lives of the “commoners” so that they can prepare for facing the real world after they graduate. Apparently, the reason why Kimito was chosen for this was because for some reason the administration thinks he has a fetish for muscles and likes males!

Shomin Sample Muscle

The story is mainly just the everyday life of Kimito where he teaches the girls about the life and culture of the commoners. This may sound plain and not too special but each episode never fails to make you laugh! First of all, these rich girls are completely oblivious to everything used and done by commoners; they didn’t even know what a mobile phone was! Seeing them interact with common things really hilarious. In one episode, plain cup ramen was served using the most expensive cutlery!

Though all the episodes are full of comedy, the last few episodes become slightly serious. This was great and helped break the monotony. Also, towards the end you start realizing that Kimito being chosen as the sample for the commoners wasn’t completely due to chance but someone had sure he got selected, the maid Kujuo-san. Sadly, the reason isn’t revealed.

The story is pretty common; a guy somehow ends up attending an all girls school and ends up in many “interesting” situations as result of it. As he is the only guy, all the girls also become interested in him. The most beautiful and perfect girl, Reiko Arisugawa, falls for him along with many other girls.

This Anime was a little more than your average school life Anime. You get a fresh perspective of the “common” things around you and you start appreciating them more. I loved the comedy. There wasn’t too much or too little of it but just the right amount. Also, each episode I was anxiously looking it for any development between Kimito and Reiko. Although, Karen and Aika frequently (very frequently, to be honest) interfered, things did become better (though I highly doubt anything much would have happened if these two weren’t present).

I would highly recommend this Anime. After watching it, I feel really good about my common and not so exciting life! Really freshens up your life!

Some of my favourite scenes from the Anime are:

Mohit Jain

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