Prison School

If I wanted to describe this Manga in one word, it would have to be “F*CK”! (Such a splendid vocabulary I have).

One of those moments in Prison School that makes you question what you’re reading. There are so many things wrong with the scene, yet look at everyone’s stern and serious expressions.

I’ll be talking about the Manga of Prison School and not the Anime. Actually, watching the Anime had made me want to read the Manga to find out what happens further on in the story. One piece of advice, DON’T! Just leave Prison School where the Anime ends and you’ll walk away happy. But, if curiosity is eating away at you and you just love the feeling of pain, carry on.

So, Prison School is a story of an all-girls school becoming co-ed starting from the new session. Only five boys join; ratio of boys and girls is 1 is to 200. Sounds like a dream, right? The perfect paradise for men’s lust. Just one twist: there’s a feared underground organization and a prison involved in the whole plot.

The school prison in it’s full glory.

I felt the story was quite unique and didn’t take harem route which is the path stories which such extreme ratios generally take. I also admired the idea of having a prison inside a school. Although the story does have many gross and “sexual” developments which made me seriously reconsider continuing the Manga, the story had everything that I was looking for: school setting, romance, comedy, friendship and the vice president showing a lot of skin! Where did it go wrong?!?

The whole story can be roughly divided into three parts: the arc of the boys being in prison, the arc of the fight between the underground and the above ground student council and the final arc of the Mangaka, Akira Hiramoto, having troubles on how to end the story. I believe you have figured out by now that it is the ending that’s making me salty. The first arc is the one covered in the Anime, which I really loved. The second arc was decent. It got stretched out a lot but a majority of the character development of everyone who wasn’t one of the five boys happened here. After the whole squabble between the two student councils is settled and things are starting to get happy and bright, it just didn’t sit well with Hiramoto sensei.

To sum the whole ending chapters in a few words: everything falls apart. I won’t give any spoilers, but the events that unfold make you pull on your hair and blame anyone who is worth blaming: the Mangaka, the characters for being complete idiots or yourself for reading this Manga in the first place. To be honest, it’s not even the whole of the third arc. I’ll be happy if just those last two chapters weren’t there. The cursed chapters 276 and 277. That’s where all hell breaks loose.

AHHHHHHHRRRRR! That last image of Chiyo, the kind and innocent angel, looking like that. That was just too harsh. How do I remove that image from my mind!

If anyone was rooting for any of the couples in Prison School, I feel your pain.

Mohit Jain

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