Dragon Dangers – Azura the Water Dragon


    “Grrr…..” growled the king of dragons, “I can smell a human in my dwelling.” Then suddenly a shadow, a man’s shadow, came into view. “Who dares to come here and disturb me? Show yourself before I vaporize you!” roared the dragon. “It’s only me, Armadon” replied a greasy voice as a figure came into view. The voice had belonged to a man. He was tall and muscular with short black hair and piercing blue eyes. “You?” growled the dragon calming down, “Why have you come here? I have already told you that I will not make you a Dragon Lord.” “I don’t want to be a Dragon Lord anymore, Omega if….. I can be the king of dragons!” as Armadon said this, a net fell onto the dragon followed by a large cage. Right after this, a deafening roar filled the place which was followed by a ball of fire but the ball got absorbed by the net to the surprise of Omega. “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,” laughed Armadon. “No point using you power Omega. The net is made from a special material which will absorb any magical attacks whereas the cage is a hundred percent dragon proof” said Armadon mockingly, “King of dragons, Omega, trapped……Forever!”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you wouldn’t let me be a Dragon Lord. I only wanted to be a Dragon Lord, not even a Dragon Hero.”

“You knew I couldn’t and also knew the reason”

“You mean that filthy. Unskilled. Imbecile. No good to live man was a suitable Dragon Lord than me!”

“You are all of those things Armadon. That is the reason why I didn’t choose you.”

“It doesn’t matter now Omega. You are trapped and cannot do anything. I will become the king of dragons now, Omega….. king of dragons which you are now but won’t be in a few hours. So, farewell dragon king.”

As Armadon started to leave, Omega said something just loud enough for Armadon to hear and his reactions were immediate. “What are you talking about, Omega?” questioned Armadon. “You have short memory Armadon. Can’t you remember the day when I saved you from certain death and you repay me like this? You are filth! Not the Dragon Lord!” roared Omega. “He will be Dragon Lord no more when I am crowned as king of dragons and to repay you, I will give you a chance to escape this imprisonment” declared Armadon, “I will make five locks on your prison. To open each of them someone has to defeat the five evil elemental dragons that I have created to serve me and take a scale from each of them and put them into the locks, but I will advise you not to have much hope because my dragons are unbeatable. I am really strong but still, I cannot defeat the dragons without manipulating them with my magic.” After making the locks he left the dragon alone and disappeared laughing to himself.

At the same time, a boy in a village of Dragontopia awoke because of a nightmare.


    Jack was breathing heavily in his bed. He had had a really bad dream. He dreamed of a dragon being imprisoned by a man. He didn’t know why he felt scared but for some reason he did. His dad came to his room hurriedly and asked him if he had had a bad dream. Jack answered and told him about it. After hearing it his dad had a stern expression on his face and then suddenly he said, “It is time you know the truth. It is a long story so get fresh and have breakfast first.” Jack did as he was told. After breakfast, his father began, “When I was young, I traveled a lot with my dad. On one of our journeys, I came across a wounded dragon named ‘Omega’. He was majestic, even though he was wounded. His body was a mixture of many colours but the dominant ones were sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, amber yellow and ebony black. His teeth were razor sharp and he was huge. I was only as big as his hand. His eyes were angry but also sad and calm. On seeing his eyes I knew I had to help him. It took me and my dad weeks to cure him. As soon as the dragon was cured a tragedy happened. My dad was bitten by a venomous serpent and died. After burying him, the dragon told me something which changed my life.” Jack’s dad then told him that he was a Dragon Lord and also about his adventures. Finally, his dad said, “Something bad has happened to Omega like you saw in your dreams. You have to help him. I cannot though because my time is coming near. Every second that scum of a ‘dragon king’, Armadon, is weakening me. Please, Jack, will you go on a quest to save Omega and free Dragontopia from the clutches of Armadon?” “I want to dad but the problem is I don’t know how to and also I am not that strong. Facing five strong dragons will be too much for me” replied Jack sadly.

“You will find the strength you need when you face them, Jack. Trust me on this. I am telling you from my own experience. Not only that I will give you my magical Dragon Lord armour and sword to protect you. Even if you are not a Dragon Lord it will protect you” said Jack’s dad.

“Then…I will go on this quest and save Omega.”

“Good. I will pack your bag with equipment and food for the journey. Also, I will give you this map of Dragontopia. I have marked the places on it where you will find the five elemental dragons and finally Omega.”

After an hour everything was ready and Jack was ready to leave. As a last piece of advice, his dad said, “Do not seek Armadon until you have freed Omega: OK?”


“I am counting on you, Jack.”

And then both father and son said goodbye.

Jack was a sixteen years old boy. He was tall with short black hair and black eyes. He was strong i.e.: he was strong enough to beat anyone who tried to bully him at school but the idea to face dragons in combat sent cold shivers down his spine. He was determined not to let his dad down. As he stepped out of his house, he knew his journey had begun.


    According to the map he had to travel for some days before he reached the ocean where he will find his first dragon, Azura the water dragon. Between her and him there was a forest, a plain with a river running through it and there was a town on the river bank. After that, there was a valley and the finally the ocean where he will have to fight Azura. His father had told him that he had to defeat all five of the elemental dragons and get a scale from each of them which will be used as a key to free Omega. Just thinking of the fight sent shivers through him. As he was lost in thought he bumped into someone. The someone was a girl named Lucy. She was Jack’s friend at school. She asked what he was doing with that massive luggage and he told her all about his quest and that the whole future of Dragontopia depended on this quest. Lucy who was a brave girl told him that she will help. Jack tried to change her mind but she wouldn’t budge. “I can’t let you go alone on this quest to kill ‘dragons’. Are they even real or are you going on a wild goose chase? You know there are chances of you never coming back! Also, I have had enough of school and a vacation is just what I need.” she exclaimed. “You do know that it’s not a vacation and also dragons are real!” he countered. “If you say so. Have you got any proof? Anyways I am still coming with you. Wait here, I need to pack some things and also get some things to kill these ‘dragons’ of yours” she said while walking towards her home. “Dragons are real! Even though I don’t have proof I can feel it in my soul. Ok, you can come as I don’t think I can change your decision.” He said agreeing to her demand to come along. In fact, he was actually glad that now he won’t be traveling alone but with a trustful companion. She soon arrived and they set off.

They reached the forest by dusk and set up camp for the night. Next morning they quickly woke up and packed their things and set off. By noon they had reached the end of the forest. The vast plain was in front of them like a sea of emerald water. Because of the vastness of the plain, it took them five days to reach the town and by then all of their food supplies were finished. They rested in the town for the night and the next day stocked up and set off again.

Jack was nervous while crossing the valley. He knew that after the valley there will be the ocean with Azura waiting in its wide expanse. They were able to cross the valley in two days. They had arrived at the edge of the valley at dusk and saw the bright blue dazzling ocean for the first time in their lives and were awed by its vastness. They could also just see the docks from where they were. They camped for the night and awoke refreshed. Now they were ready to face Azura if she was real. They packed their things up and walked towards the ocean.


    They reached the docks but couldn’t see any signs of Azura. Now they were near the ocean, just like the map had said, they didn’t know what to do or where to go. They didn’t have the slightest idea what to do next but Lucy did, well she thought she did. Lucy said, “The ‘dragon’ we have to fight is called ‘Azura the Water Dragon’. So, doesn’t it mean that she might be underwater or far away in the ocean as she is a water dragon,” “You’re right. I’m lucky to have someone smart in the team, even if she doesn’t believe in dragons and magic” Jack said. On hearing this Lucy blushed a little and punched him lightly on his arms.

They then quickly went down to the boatyard to hire a boat to go out to sea. Soon after they were miles away from the dock. The water was shimmering around them. Their boat had been bobbing up and down on the waves for hours with no sign of Azura. Jack’s dad had said that when you reach a dragon’s territory, the dragon will come out and confront you, either to help you or kill you as you are my son, the Dragon Lord’s son. “Did dad lie to me and sent me on this futile journey? Was my dream really just a dream and not a vision? Was Lucy correct, that there aren’t any such things as dragons and magic? I hope not. Come on Azura, show yourself.” he thought. Then suddenly a shadow appeared in the water. Jack quickly picked up his weapon. Jack, his sword, and Lucy were idly sitting on the boat as she didn’t believe in dragons. Suddenly out of the ocean a huge blue creature flew out. The water cascading from it like gemstones. When the creature was in the sky, beating its majestic wings, Jack realized what it was. It was a dragon but no ordinary dragon. It was Azura the water dragon. He laughed and exclaimed, “See, told you! Dragons are real! Here right in front of you is Azura the Water Dragon. What do you say to this? I dare you to call it an illusion and that it is a fake! I dare you! I double dare you!” Jack continued laughing. Lucy exclaimed, “Oh My Gosh! It is real! I can feel the sprays of water, the wind coming from its wings. Damn! I could never have imagined a dragon. I am so happy I came with you!”

“I know! Isn’t Azura so magnificent and beautiful?”

“Yeh! But you know what?”


“We have to fight it and kill it or else both of us doomed.”

“So it’s either we perish or the dragon does?”


“Ok. Let’s get ready!”

Azura’s body looked as if though made from sapphires and her eyes looked like mother of pearl but instead of looking calm the eyes were blazing with fury. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and a blazing blue ball came out of it and hit the water around them. Immediately the water was frozen solid. After recovering from their shock, Jack started to attack Azura fiercely. Lucy quickly picked up her weapons, which were a bow and arrow, and a sword(which she strapped to her side. She started firing her arrows rapidly and with unbelievable precision at Azura and Jack was slashing his sword fiercely but to no avail. The dragon’s hide was too thick and its scales hard and strong.  The dragon roared and launched itself towards them.


    Jack and Lucy dodged out of the way but their boat got smashed by Azura. They were now floating using the wooden planks of the boat. Azura reared back and breathed her freezing fire towards them. They dodged the icy attack but the water around them froze. “Brrrrrrr! It’s so cold” shivered Lucy. “Yeh! But now we have solid ground, I should say ice to walk and fight on,” said Jack. Lucy continued firing her arrows, which weren’t hurting Azura but just annoying her. Jack sprinted towards Azura, his sword ready to give her a deadly blow. “Aaaaaaahhh!” shouted Jack ready to strike but just moments before contact he slipped on the frozen ground and slid right next to Azura’s clawed foot. Immediately Azura lifted her foot to stomp him flat. Jack couldn’t do anything. He was crumpled and too tired to move. He saw Lucy running towards him shouting something but he knew she wouldn’t make it. Azura’s foot was coming down, seconds away from crushing Jack. Suddenly he saw an image of Omega trapped and sad, his father old and weak, his strength sapped out of him by Armadon and Armadon becoming the ruler of the whole world and the world suffering under his dictatorship. He recalled his dream and heard his father’s kind words. Jack realized he couldn’t give up he had to stand up, he had to fight and he had to win. He can’t betray his father, Omega, and Lucy. He drew out all of his strength that was left in him and rolled out of the way, just moments before contact. Lucy helped him get up and hugged him, “Please! Don’t ever scare me like that.” she sobbed. “Sorry.” replied Jack glad that he had a friend like her “Let’s try again and beat Azura once and for all.”

Lucy drew out her sword this time and together with Jack charged towards the ferocious dragon. Azura roared and swung her tail at them. They jumped over it and continued their charge. “Aaaaaaaahhh!” screamed both of them before plunging their weapons into Azura. They managed to find and pierce the soft skin between the scales. Jack near the neck and Lucy near the abdomen of the dragon. Azura roared and a light blue liquid, which looked a lot like some sort of water, started to ooze out of the wound. Jack quickly pulled out his sword, adrenaline running inside him, but Lucy’s remained stuck. Before she had time to pull it out again, Azura started to beat her large and magnificent wings which were wider than thrice Jack’s height, and Jack considerably tall! Both Jack and Lucy were blown away and were about to plunge into the freezing water surrounding their icy island as Azura took to the skies.

Azura gave a loud and threatening roar which would have been heard for miles and miles away. She then dived towards them, maw open, jaw full of razor sharp teeth shining like mother of pearls, aiming to kill and devour Jack and Lucy. This time Jack did something, which he didn’t know how himself. His sword started to glow in a shade of blue and he raised his left hand towards the dragon and chanted something. Immediate the sky darkened and vicious thunderclouds gathered in the heavens. Thunder shook the earth and the sky was illuminated by a blinding light. Suddenly a bolt of lightning flew out of the sky and struck Azura in her flight. She was stunned and fell towards the ice sheet she had created herself.

    ‘Crash!’ Azura broke the ice and fell into the water. Jack and Lucy were plunged in as well when the ice splintered. Azura’s body didn’t sink but floated on the water surface. “Brrrrrr. It’s so cold!” exclaimed Jack, the heat of the battle leaving him. “Achooo!” sneezed Lucy “You’re right. Achooo! My legs are frozen and my fingers have gone numb.”

“We need to find refuge from this deadly cold ocean. I hope a boat comes along.”

“Do you seriously think that a boat will come along our way after you created that storm?”

“It wasn’t my fault. It happened by itself.”

“Yeh, whatever.”

“So what should we do now, float? Or swim to shore?”

“Are you serious? Have you even collected the scale?”


“Then what are you waiting for? Another miracle? Go and quickly collect it before something happens!”

“Shit! I forgot! What if Azura’s still alive?”

“Are you crazy? After getting fried by that lightning? I’ll keep watch. Hurry up!”

Quickly, Jack went towards Azura to pick a scale from her whereas Lucy kept watch over the dragon. As Jack picked a scale, which was beautiful and looked like a gemstone, Azura sank under the water.

Now Jack and Lucy were floating miles away from the docks. They were getting tired every second that went past. They had just decided to use the wooden planks of their broken boat to swim to shore when suddenly they heard the sound of the oars of a boat splashing in the water. Their hope rose and started to look for the source and found it. They started swimming towards it but the boat was too fast and would leave them stranded. Fortunately for them, the captain of the boat saw them and directed his boat towards them. Soon they were in the boat heading towards the shore.

“So what were ye guys doing in the middle of nowhere this chilly weather without a boat and bruised like ye guys were in a fight?” questioned the captain. “We were just figh~” Lucy quickly stomped Jack’s foot to cut him off before he was able to finish his sentence. “We were just in a boat rowing for fun then, suddenly without realizing we found ourselves far away from shore. To make things worse a huge wave came right after that and crashed into us and obliterated our boat.” Lucy lied to the captain. “So ye guys were on a date?” asked the captain with a mocking glint. “NO!” shouted both Jack and Lucy in unison. “Answered at the same time, eh. The timing was so on point that…I am out of words. This proves that…ye guys…have some deep…err…bond between ye.” exclaimed the captain with a hearty laugh. “Shut-up!” shouted Jack and Lucy again at the same time. This time the captain didn’t say anything but continued laughing if not harder.

Soon they were standing on the docks looking towards the valley. ‘We have defeated Azura!’ celebrated Jack. “Yes, But now we have to face our second dragon. Do you know who it is?” asked Lucy turning serious. “Are sure you want to continue? You can go home if you want. It’s too dangerous.” Said Jack ignoring her question. “I asked you who the second dragon is? I will never leave you alone and betray you,” responded Lucy. “Our next dragon is Blaze the fire dragon who lives in the volcano,” answered Jack, happy that Lucy was a very reliable friend who will never abandon him.

So, Jack and Lucy faced the direction of the volcano and continued their quest.


“So, the Dragon Lord has sent his son to free Omega and beat me?” muttered Armadon to himself, “He shall also die! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”


Mohit Jain

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